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A Compulsive Gambler Realized They Have A Gambling Problem

Posted on January 22, 2023 by Frances Cusumano

A compulsive gambler woke up one morning and realized they will have a gambling problem. The signs of these gambling addiction have already been there all along. As their mind begins to race they look at all of the signs which were apparent, but few people around them ever gave it another thought.

The gambler looks back and realizes the next signs have there been for them and their family and friend:

They spent a substantial period of time gambling. Initially it was 1 day weekly then it became five days week. Friends and family noticed they weren't around just as much anymore.

Their money was dwindling fast and available cashflow was almost nonexistent. Friends and family notice they weren't venturing out to eat just as much, was becoming very frugal (only bought one box of girl scout cookies despite the fact that they purchased at least twenty boxes per year for days gone by five years), didn't have a vacation in over 2 yrs if they normally would disappear completely anyway two times per year and cut spending more then in two when it came time for birthday and holiday gifts.

Coming into work late, not completing assignments and getting written up for not following procedures.

They became very neglectful of these family. The told them they might be home by supper only to arrive three hours later without real excuse but would inform them they won big at the casino.

They lost money and felt bad about any of it, but didn't do anything to avoid this self destructive behavior.

As their problems increased, likely to the casino was away of reducing my stress when the truth is it only increased it. The small amount of time there they remember feeling good.

They borrowed money from family and friends to maintain making use of their habit. The household and friends knew simply the amount of cash they earned. They now also recognize that they ought to have looked just a little deeper into that which was really going on and just why did they really needed this money?

The signs have there been but nobody was ready to intensify and help them face this addiction before it had been too late plus they lost everything.

Now that gambler has woken up they will have taken the initial step on the road to recovery. Another move would be to seek help and move forward making use of their life.